School Meals

2016/2017 Menu

Please see revised menu which starts in April. As part of our ambitious plans to ensure our children are provided with good food served to the highest standards,  we  worked towards achieving the Soil Association 'Food for Life' Gold Award. During the summer term 2016 the school achieved this award! 

2016/2017 Menu

Please see below for key documents relating to our school meals. 

School Menu

School Meals Policy

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15th December 2015


Parents will be able to pay their children’s dinner money on-line from 5th January 2016. Letters will be sent out from school before the end of the Autumn Term 2016 giving parents on-line access information so you can register your account and pay dinner money. This registration process will enable parents to keep track of their dinner money payments and see their children’s current balance on line.

There will be a charge of 0.30p per payment on this account to cover Worldpay charges to the school.

The link you will require is:

Please click HERE to view details on how to register a child.



We are extremely proud of our school meals both in terms of the range of quality of food which we serve and the overall dining experience for the children. We regularly invite parents to share lunchtime with their children so that they can enjoy the experience for themselves!

Please see below for examples of the feedback which we have received.

Year 2 Parent Lunch 19th November 2015