School Library

Library Laws


‘Library Laws’

A code of conduct for our school library

We are very fortunate to have a school library where all children are able to lend and enjoy a wide variety of books.

As a team of librarians, we have agreed the following ‘library laws’ so that everyone can work together to make sure that the library is tidy, well-organised and easy for everyone to use.

As children using the library, we will:

¨ Take the time to choose a book which is age and gender appropriate.

¨ Always show respect and follow the rules when using the library.

¨ Always speak to librarians and library supervisors politely.

¨ Make sure that we only return books to designated librarians, including any books which are damaged.


As parents and carers of children using the library, we will:

¨ Encourage children to respect and care for books loaned from the library.

¨ Help children to return books to the library on time.

¨ Accept that, if a book is lost or damaged whilst loaned out to our child, we will pay to replace the book.


As teachers, we will:

¨ Make sure that in each class, there are designated book monitors who are responsible for the day-to-day management of class reading areas and books loaned from the school’s library service. (SLS)

¨ Follow the agreed timetable for our class to use the library and if we are not able to use the library, for example, if we are out on a school trip, we will tell the library volunteers well in advance.