School Council


2014 / 2015
Welcome to this years school councillors, chosen to represent their class by their class members:
Lydia Smyth / Kaelan Murray - Mrs Simpson’s and Mrs Bristoll’s Class
Mason Morris / Thomas Barton - Mrs Warlow and Mrs Bristoll's Class
Lola Stolic / Ewan Simms - Mrs Shah’s Class
Alexa Smith / Natalie Duce - Mrs Relph’s Class
Parker Evans / Amelia Watkins - Mrs Turner’s Class
Leah Rawson / Andy Dugmore - Mrs Petrylak’s Class
Matthew Swindell / Dee Fitzgerald - Mrs Bucklands Class
Nathan Hawley / Jessica Yeats - Mrs Haynes Class
Ramani Eton / Jake Harrison - Miss Andersons Class
Ruby Wright / Neve Millington / Luka Stolic - Mr Rice’s Class
Lily Miller / Daisy Roden - Mr Baileys Class
Sam Beyer / Sophie Leigh - Mrs Sleigh’s Class
This Year
Your School Council this year have...
•attended meetings regularly in their lunchtimes.
•considered all request slips and communicated decisions.
•helped organise fund raising for - Superheroes Day for Children In Need
•Started to prepare a Childrens Playground Charter to make clear the rights and responsibilities on every child when in the playground.
•Invited a representative from Operation Christmas Child to assembly to invite us to send shoe boxes of gifts all over the world.                                                    

Current Projects/ Work...
The School Council were keen to find out views and look at ways they can help improve our school. In order to do this the school council carried out a learning walk through school and a pupil survey.
'' Thank you to all those who participated in the recent school council survey during their play times. ''
There were many positive views of our school with all the children reporting that they feel safe.
Positives About Our School...
•interesting acitvities
•independent projects
•great playground.
•good teachers
•good friends
•fun playtimes
•space to run
•feel safe
•fantastic art work
•great P.E.
•Sports Day
•Fun Work
Lots of fabulous suggestions were made on ways we could improve our school. School council are considering all of the suggestions made and devising a plan of action. Your class representatives will share this with you soon !