At Muxton, we are committed to broad, rich curriculum which will inspire and enthuse children. Every child has access to balanced and rich curriculum that is designed to open their eyes to different cultures and different ways of life and being a member of a global community. Our curriculum actively promotes British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs throughout the school.

We also believe that the curriculum should provide additional experiences and activities which enrich the statutory requirements of the national curriculum and therefore provide a  variety of engaging and memorable experiences for children.


The curriculum is planned using inspiring and creative starting points. Incorporating meaningful cross- curricular links between subjects in planning not only enriches children’s engagement and learning across the curriculum but also provides opportunities for children to apply and embed their reading, writing, communication and mathematical skills in a wide variety of contexts.

Through careful, systematic planning, we ensure that our curriculum has an appropriate balance of creativity and rigour. Teachers use their thorough and deep knowledge and assessment of prior learning to ensure appropriate continuity and progression for children and their learning.

The national curriculum programmes of study are used for each year group to ensure that the pitch and expectations of the planning are appropriate to secure good progress for all children. Whilst there is a brisk and rigorous pace to planning and teaching, there will be opportunities for children to broaden and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding through a ‘mastery’ approach.  This will not, however, mean unnecessary repetition of work or low levels of challenge. 

Wherever possible, planning is a collaborative process within teaching teams to share ideas and good practice and ensure consistency across year groups. Our CPD programme ensures that all staff have thorough knowledge of the curriculum which is regularly updated.


Please see below for an overview of our English curriculum.

Muxton Primary School English Curriculum 

Please see below for the age-related expectations for each year group.

Reception Writing targets

Year 1 Writing targets           

Year 2 Writing targets

Year 3 Writing targets

Year 4 Writing targets

Year 5 Writing targets

Year 6 Writing targets



Please see below for an overview of our Mathematics curriculum.

Muxton Primary School Maths Curriculum

Please see below for the age-related expectations for year group.

Year 1 to 6 Maths coverage

 Please see below to see our policies for calculation. This gives details of which methods and strategies children are taught as they move through each year group in school.

Policy for Multiplication   Policy for Division   

Addition, Subtraction, Calculation Policy     Bar Model

Please see below for information about 'SUMDOG' which is an online maths resource accessible for all children at school from years 1 - 6. 

Welcome to SUMDOG

 Please see below for details of the curriculum for other subjects.

 Science    PE     Music    History    Geography    Art     Design & Technology   Computing


What else makes life at Muxton so exciting and enriching?

We also ensure that our wider curriculum reflects the aims and vision of our school to promote the social,  moral, cultural and spiritual development of our children. Whilst being successful in their learning at Muxton, children will also be:

¨ Reflecting on beliefs and values, being creative and imaginative and enjoying the world around them!

¨ Learning to take responsibility and make choices about what’s right and wrong

¨ Learning to be positive and active citizens in the community and preparing for life in modern Britain

¨ Enjoying a range of artistic, sporting and musical experiences and learning to value and appreciate the   richness and diversity of different cultures



At Muxton, every child becomes enthralled with their Forest School experience! All year groups have a dedicated block of sessions each year which is linked to other areas of their learning. We believe that providing this regular experience of working in an  outdoor environment not only develops children’s independence and investigative and team-building skills but also enhances their sense of awe and wonder in the natural world around them .


This provided a creative and exciting opportunity to link mathematical skills and concepts to a variety of real and practical contexts. Children were able to make links with maths and other areas of the curriculum and real life , including art and design & technology.


Amazing ICT’s Richard Smith visits school each week and uses his expertise to enhance our ICT provision throughout the school. The children access new resources and programmes which enthuses them and fires their imaginations! Recent use of ‘green screen’ technology has enhanced many other areas of the curriculum


A number of children took part in a passion play during Easter in the local Muxton community. Through music and drama, they gained a deeper understanding of this Christian event and strengthened links with the local church.


Children take an active role in working outdoors and maintaining our ‘kitchen garden’. This builds a sense of responsibility and strengthens their understanding of where their food comes from.


Parents are regularly invited into school to have lunch with their children. This gives children the opportunity to demonstrate their independence and , whilst enjoying the delicious lunches, parents are also reassured about the overall quality of the dining experience in school.


Children learn about the importance of a healthy diet as well as developing their practical cookery skills. Children have the opportunity to cook and dine with various members of school staff as well as each other which enhances their confidence and   social skills.


Every summer, there is a showcase of the school’s work in the school’s marquee at the Newport Agricultural Show. We work alongside other local schools to agree themes for collaborative art displays, such as ‘The Seasons’, and take part in various competitions and challenges - currently ‘The Great Potato Challenge’! This strengthens children’s understanding of their local and wider community , including other schools .


Our close links with Adams grammar School have enabled our children to access high quality experiences in Design & Technology and History. Year 6’s recently took part in an inspirational roller-coaster design and make project. Children from across the school worked alongside sixth-form students to create large information posters, currently on display in our main hall.


Children develop simple conversational skills in French, Spanish and German alongside learning about the culture of these countries. Children then lead a termly assembly where they demonstrate their skills and raise awareness of the importance of speaking and understanding different languages and cultures.


As well as a weekly singing assembly, children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and perform in the school choir. This helps to nurture and showcase the wealth of musical talent which we have in school as well as helping all children develop their enjoyment and appreciation of a wide range of musical styles. The choir traditionally perform at the Christmas and Summer fair and all musicians and singers perform at our annual musical showcase evening which is always a special and memorable occasion.


All children participate in our annual sports day which is enjoyed by all members of our school community, including parents. House Captains organise and lead the events exceptionally well and promote a very strong team spirit across all year groups. There is a variety of activities and sports which combine more traditional, competitive events with all-inclusive team games to maximise engagement and enjoyment for all.


Muxton has a strong track record of high performance in a wide variety of sport including cross-country, football, tag-rugby, swimming and cricket. Children have access to competitions at local and regional levels and we regularly celebrate our successes at these levels. We aim to provide a variety of sports and activities within and beyond the curriculum for all ages, abilities and levels of confidence and are very clear in our message about promoting sport as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Children have the opportunity to learn basic first aid skills and how to keep themselves and others safe in difficult situations. This enables them to become more active and responsible members of the wider community.


Children take an active role in working outdoors and maintaining our ‘kitchen garden’. This builds a sense of responsibility and strengthens their understanding of where their food comes from.

In each year group, there is also a range of activities and experiences which enhance and enrich the curriculum for the children.

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