Muxton Safeguarding Voice (MSV)

Muxton Safeguarding Voice (MSV) is a children's safeguarding board made up of children in Years 4 - 6. They work to embed a strong culture of safeguarding throughout the school.

Our MSV members work as a team of leaders and mentors who are visible and accessible to all children during break-times and lunchtimes. They talk to and advise children about how they can keep themselves safe and are there to talk to any children who have worries or problems.

MSV are mentored by Mrs Pritchard and other staff so that they have the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately to any safeguarding concerns. They meet on a regular basis and have elected their own Chair and Secretary to lead and manage meetings. 

MSV are currently focusing on the following areas in their work:

  • Ensure that all children in school recognise MSV members and understand how the team can help to keep them safe.
  • Through key stage and class assemblies, ensure that all children and staff in school are clear about how we prevent bullying in our school community, including cyber-bullying.
  • Ensure that children understand that children may be subject to different types of abuse - physical, emotional and sexual - and the importance of speaking out to stay safe.
  • Ensure that everyone has a clear and accurate understanding about recent events involving terrorism and the need to emphasise and embed our fundamental British values.
  • Explore materials and resources which can help to promote equality.

Our MSV team also participated in a local Children's Safeguarding Board Conference in October 2017 which involved sharing their good practice with other boards across the borough.