Muxton e-cadets are a team of e-safety ambassadors made up of children in KS1 (Minis) and KS2 (e-cadets). Led by pupils, the e-cadets act as the peer mentors who convey important e-safety messages and train their classmates through a series of curriculum based activities.

Each e-cadet has access to the e-cadets website where they are given the information, resources and guidance to help them plan, organise and deliver e-safety lessons on a variety of themes.

Our e-cadets are visible around school and are available for children to talk to about their e-safety issues or concerns. When an e-cadet feels unsure or needs further information , the website also provides an instant messenger facility which supports the e-cadets in answering any questions they may have.

The team are mentored by Mrs Buckland and Miss Hellyar-Jones and through regular meetings, the e-cadets are given the skills and knowledge to enable them to confidently lead sessions where the aim is to inform and raise awareness of the importance of e-safety.

Their first challenge was to create an e-cadet promise to outline the aims of the team and demonstrate their commitment to the initiative.

Muxton e-Cadet Promise