Muxton Primary School Staff 2017 / 2018



Mrs Jenny Pritchard

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Howard Auckland


School Business Manager : Mrs Carol Little

School Administrator : Mrs Tracey O'Connor

School Administrator : Mrs Teresa Luckman

School Administrator  : Mrs Rebecca Machesney


Site Manager:  Mrs Petra Brown


Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Headteacher : Mr Howard Auckland

Assistant Headteacher / Leader for Special Educational Needs & Disabilities : Miss Ann Davies

Early Years & Foundation Stage Leader : Mrs Liz Pollard

Key Stage 1 Area Leader : Mrs Karuna Shah

Years 3 and 4 Area Leader : Mrs Jo Turner

Years 5 and 6 Area Leader : Ms Lesley Sleigh


Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) / Reception


EYFS Area Leader /Reception Teacher : Mrs Liz Pollard

Reception Teacher : Miss Aimee Hellyar-Jones

Higher Level Teaching Assistant : Ms Jenny Bowcutt

Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor : Mrs Julie Carrington


 Key Stage One - Year One and Two


Key Stage 1 Area Leader / Year 2 Teacher : Mrs Karuna Shah

Year 1 Teacher (3 days): Mrs Angie Simpson

Year 1 Teacher (2  days): Mrs Victoria Petrylak

Year 1 Teacher : Miss Ann Davies

Year 2 Teacher :  Mrs Gillian Coe / Mrs Barbara Moreton (maternity leave)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant : Mrs Julie Taft

Teaching Assistant / Cover Supervisor : Miss Jayne Richardson

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Diane Smart

Teaching Assistant : Mr Rob McDonough

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Heloise Rees

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Kerry Rowley


Key Stage Two - Year Three and Four


Year 3 & 4 Area Leader / Year 3 Teacher : Mrs Jo Turner

Year 3 Teacher : Miss Hannah Martin

Year 4 Teacher (3 days): Mrs Carolyn Buckland

Year 4 Teacher (2 days): Mrs Claire Relph

Year 4 Teacher : Mrs Sally Holmes

Higher Level Teaching Assistant : Mrs Helen Wellsbury

Higher Level Teaching Assistant : Mrs Lianne Sainty

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Cynthia Berry

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Zoe Mackriel

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Katie Beech

Teaching Assistant : Miss Alicia Chidlow


 Key Stage Two - Years Five and Six


Year 5 & 6 Area Leader / Year 5 Teacher : Ms Lesley Sleigh

Year 5 Teacher : Mr Matthew Rice

Year 6 Teacher : Mr Phil Bailey

Year 6 Teacher : Mrs Michelle Haynes

Higher Level Teaching Assistant : Mrs Jill Evans

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Heather Standell

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Lisa Furness


Inclusion Mentor : Mr Kwabena Agyemang 

Forest School Leader :  Mrs Lianne Sainty

Sports Coach : Mr Andy Hughes

Sports Apprentice : Mr Jordan Draper

Music Teacher (Years 3 - 6) : Mrs Karen Price


Senior Cook : Mrs Tara Stanworth

Catering Assistant : Mrs Sue Maddox

Catering Assistant : Mrs Lorraine Bood

Catering Assistant : Miss Gemma Darlington

Catering Assistant : Mrs Ann Morgan

Catering Assistant : Mrs Nicki Byrne


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor : Mrs Rita Hughes

Lunchtime Supervisor : Mrs Sandra Edwards

Lunchtime Supervisor : Mrs Sarah Hubbard

Lunchtime Supervisor : Miss Christen Hailey

Lunchtime Supervisor : Mrs Teresa Coyle

Lunchtime Supervisor : Mr Rob McDonough

Lunchtime Supervisor : Mr Charlie Nichol

Lunchtime Supervisor : Mrs Julie Carrington

Lunchtime Supervisor : Miss Nichole Biggs


Cleaning Assistant: Miss Gemma Darlington

Cleaning Assistant: Mrs Josie Waterman

Cleaning Assistant : Miss Christen Hailey

Cleaning Assistant: Mrs Dawn Kidd