Annual Statement 2013/2014

Welcome to the overview report covering the Governing Body’s work during the school year 2013/14. 

The Governing Body recognise that for the school to be completely successful it is imperative for all stakeholders to be involved.  Throughout the last school year we paid particular attention to those areas where we feel we made an impact.  The key actions and the impact they have had was a regular discussion item on our termly agendas.  However, we realise that our role is principally a strategic one and that the management and day to day running of the school, is the responsibility of the headteacher and staff.  Through regular and robust monitoring of the school we have been able to ensure that your children have received a first class education from a hard working and dedicated team of teachers
There are numerous activities in which we have been involved during the course of this year. We have highlighted the key developments and improvements for you.
Teaching & Learning.
The governing body has monitored the work of the school and has held the headteacher to account for the performance of the school.  Governing body committees met every term to receive information from the school. This data gave governors a clear picture of both previous and future predicted attainment and achievement.  Challenging questions have been posed of all staff to ensure that there is a consistency of approach towards ensuring high standards are met.  One of the key objectives set by the inspectors when the school was inspected by Ofsted in 2012 was to ensure that no teaching is less than ‘Good’.  The school set itself an ambitious yet achievable target to have every teacher judged as ‘Outstanding’.  We are pleased to report that they are well on the way to achieving this.   The committee that meets to look at the curriculum and to evaluate the school data held rigorous conversations with school staff in the interests of the children.  Regular reports were received from year group leaders which outlined progress towards targets, intervention strategies and an overview of attainment, achievement and progress made by different groups of children. 
Governors made visits to school during the school day to observe the school in action.  They attended staff meetings, Professional Development Days and had meetings with members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).  These activities have helped the governing body to have a clear view of what the school does well and also what it needs to develop further.   In addition, wherever possible, governors have been involved in school activities such as road safety awareness and accompanying staff and pupils on school visits.   The Chair of governors has assisted with the supervision of the annual Pioneer visit for several years.  All governors have undertaken checks under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
 The governing body, through its Finance Committee, has closely monitored the school budget and the spending and impact of the Pupil Premium and Sport/PE funding.  Details of both these allocations can be found on the school’s website.
The governing body has appointed an external adviser to assist with the statutory requirement to carry out an annual appraisal of the headteacher.  Nominated governors set targets for the headteacher and have met on a half-termly basis to monitor progress towards these targets.  These targets are linked to key priorities in the School Development Plan.

Over the course of the last academic year the school experienced several changes to the teaching staff.  Recruitment and appointment of new staff is the responsibility of the headteacher but members of the governing body have been present and taken an active part in the interview process on several occasions.  The governing body has statutory responsibility for the recruitment and appointment of a new headteacher and we are currently undertaking this process. 

The governing body met each term as a full board of governors.  At this meeting we received and discussed the headteacher’s report.   This report has given us a comprehensive picture of the work of the school.   The current constitution of the governing body is established to include 15 members.   However, there is a statutory requirement that all governing bodies carry out a reconstitution exercise before September 2015.  The term of office of several of our current governors will cease in September and October 2014 so we have taken the decision to reconstitute sooner rather than later.   The new constitution will comprise of 13 governors.  Elections for Parent governors and Staff governor will be run this term.
The main work of the governing body is done through its committees.  The following committees have been established. They have their own Terms of Reference and remits.

Finance & Personnel:             Chair   Mr G Parkinson

Evaluation & Curriculum:        Chair  Mrs C Lane
Health & Safety:                     Chair  Mr P Neal

Leadership & Management:   Chair  Mr K McNamara
In addition, committees have been appointed which only meet as and when required. These are; Complaints; Appeals and Grievance, Disciplinary and Pupil Disciplinary.
In order to secure our close involvement with the working of the school, individual governors have been assigned to specific areas of school development. As well as the key areas of English, Mathematics, Arts and PE there are also governors allocated to Child Protection, SEN, Behaviour and Discipline, Children in Care and Governor training.  Nominated governors meet with the appropriate member of staff to receive updates and progress reports which are then presented to the full governing body each term.
School Premises

The governing body has closely monitored the development of the new building work at the school.  The school can now accommodate 420 pupils.  The new classrooms are up and running and the final handover of the extension has now taken place.  .
Governors have supported the school in its attempts to ensure that all pupils are safe on the school premises especially when entering and leaving school.  Increased numbers inevitably leads to increased congestion both inside and outside the building and school is continually working with the Police Community Support Officer to alleviate the problem.
The provision of additional security gates have ensured that children are further protected whilst on the school site.
Current membership (pre reconstitution)
Parent Governors.
Mr K McNamara                   Chair of Governors
Ms D Hammond

Mrs C Lane

Mr P Neal
Mrs A Walkley
Local Authority
Cllr N Dugmore
Mr W Jervis
Mr G Parkinson                      Vice-Chair

Mrs J Pritchard                      Acting Headteacher

Mrs J Bailey                          Staff, non-teaching
Clerk to Governors
Mrs S Morris
The Governing Body of Muxton Primary School is committed to supporting the work of the school and ensuring that all its pupils receive a high class education.  We encourage all parents to support their child’s learning by entering into a meaningful collaboration with the school and its teachers.  As we move forward into a new chapter in the history of the school we look forward to working closely with you in making sure that everything we do together is ‘outstanding’.