Lunches Around The World!

Event Date: 16 October 2019

Week beginning Monday 9th November

At Muxton, we continuously strive to make our lunchtimes an enjoyable  experience and give children the opportunity to try exciting new meals. Next week, in addition to the regular menu, we are offering a range of meals from around the world. 

Children in infant classes, all currently entitled to Universal free School Meals, will be invited to taste a sample alongside their choice of meal from the regular menu.

Children in years 3-6 will be able to select from the themed menu in addition to the regular menu. The price is £2 as usual.

At the end of the week children who have participated will be given a ‘passport’ to show the countries they have visited.


Monday 9th November: MEXICO       

Chilli con carne

Long grain rice

Pepper & mixed bean salad

Rosca de reyes (Mexican sweet bread)


Tuesday 10th November :  GREECE        

Chicken souvlaki & tzatziki


Pitted olives

Yoghurt & honey


Wednesday 11th November: ITALY           

Spaghetti bolognese

Tomato & red onion salad



Thursday 12th November: FRANCE        

French bread pizza

Garlic bread

Mousse au chocolat (chocolate mousse)


Friday 13th November: U.S.A.            

Beef burger                             


Pancakes & syrup


Children will be asked to select 's' as their menu choice on the day if they wish to try any of the above dishes.